My Daughter is a Daddy’s Girl and I Love It (Most of the Time)

My Daughter is a Daddy’s Girl and I Love It (Most of the Time)

I am lucky to have a full-time job that allows me to bring my daughter (I’ll call her “A”) to work with me on a daily basis. It’s great that we don’t have to pay for childcare and I can be the primary caregiver to my growing girl.

Now that it’s summer, however, my husband has taken over the day to day care of our daughter. He is a teacher and doesn’t work in the summers (lucky him!). I miss spending the days with A, but, to be honest, not having a toddler to chase after makes doing my work so much easier!

Over the last week, my daughter has truly become daddy’s girl! 

Every morning, my husband sings silly songs he’s made up just for our girl. They start their days together singing and dancing! They play catch, go for walks, swing at the playground, and play A’s new favorite game of “I’m gonna get you!” She lights up when she sees her daddy and smiles the cutest little smile with a scrunched up nose that just melts my heart! You can see the love they have for each other in their eyes. Not to mention all of A’s hugs, and kisses, and cuddles are now reserved for daddy and daddy alone.

It’s the evenings that have been a little difficult for me. While A is always happy to see me come in the door after working 8,9, sometimes 10 hour days…she quickly goes back to wanting daddy for just about everything. Mama wouldn’t mind a hug every now and then! There have been a few times when the three of us have been together and A looks at me, waves, and says “Bye bye,” even when I have no plans to actually leave! It’s cute and just a little bit sad.

Still, I  love seeing my daughter be daddy’s girl. They have such a special bond, even at this early stage in A’s life, and I am grateful to be able to watch it grow and mature over time.

My husband is my best friend, the love of my life, and amazing father to our daughter. I couldn’t have hoped for a better partner in this parenting journey we have embarked on together.

My daughter is Daddy’s Girl, and I love it! (Most of the time…)


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