Crazy Things Mama Says 

Crazy Things Mama Says 

My daughter is just entering toddlerhood.

She’s 13 months old and on the move. Although not yet walking (we’re getting there!) she is actively exploring her world, constantly learning and discovering new things. It’s really an amazing time, as we watch our baby girl grow into a full-fledged toddler.

She also makes me say some pretty crazy things. For example, this past week I have found myself saying:

  1. Please don’t bite mama’s toes.
  2. I’d rather you not lick the door.
  3. We don’t put chicken down our shirts.
  4. We also don’t rub mashed potatoes in our hair.
  5. I don’t want your half chewed cheerio, but thanks anyway.
  6. Pacifiers do not go in diapers.
  7. I’m sorry, you cannot drink mama’s coffee.
  8. Pool water is not drinking water.
  9. We smell flowers. We do not eat flowers.
  10. Please don’t chew on mama’s phone.

As you can see, she really has a passion for exploring the world, by putting things in her mouth! Or in her clothes! Or in her diaper.

What crazy things have you found yourself saying?

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19 thoughts on “Crazy Things Mama Says 

  1. haha I love this. Yeah I say crazy things all the time. My guy is nearly 17 months old and is still putting everything in his mouth. I say ‘not delicious’ at least 5 times a day.

  2. Ha!! Chicken down the shirt, heh?!! I say some crazy stuff, but also totally hear myself saying things my parents said to me (& then want to laugh out loud)…”Shut the door, please. Were you born in a tent?” is a goodie. #TheList

    1. Yes! I find myself saying things my mom used to say too. It’s a little bit scary sometimes! Thanks for reading.

  3. Haha, this made me laugh! I’ve just read it out to my husband. Earlier I said to my six month old, ‘don’t put your foot in your dirty nappy’ and ‘water wipe packets aren’t for eating, the sharp edge might scratch your eye’

    1. Oh yes… My daughter is going through a phase where she really fights the diaper changes! She screams, tries to roll over, grabs at both the dirty and clean ones, and steals wipes if she can reach them. Changing a dirty diaper/nappy should be an Olympic sport!

  4. Also with you on saying crazy things – most of them start with “no you can’t eat…” while thinking “if anyone could hear me now?!?” #fartglitter

    1. What an image! I had to look that one up (I guess I am too American to get the reference!) Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. I have another list in the works too. I’m always saying crazy things! Hot dogs in between our toes is a good one!

  5. Thankfully we moved out of the inappropriate things in the mouth stage quite quickly. Not before he’d sampled delicacies like shopping trolleys and public stairwell railings though. Now most of our ridiculous comments are about what not to do with toys and phrases and words which one shouldn’t scream out in a shopping centre. It just keeps getting more interesting!


  6. The other night at dinner, my 5 yr old leaned down and licked a pie-like slab of good mozzarella/peccorino cheese. Thankfully, the first things that came to mind I kept on the inside and went with wordlessness and a staredown. Oy.
    #momsterlink #fartglitter

  7. Well since mine are the ages of 4, 5, and 6 now it’s usually “SHUT THE DOOR”, “NO IT’S NOT SNACK TIME FOR THE 100TH TIME”, “PUT YOUR CLOTHES IN THE HAMPER OR I REFUSE TO WASH THEM”….and so on. I also have a teenager but maybe I will save that for a post. Thanks so much for linking with #momsterslink and in case you haven’t linked up yet this week… there is still time!

    1. It’s always something, right? I’ve been away for the week but am home now so I should be getting back on schedule with my linkys!

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