Where Did My Baby Go?

Where Did My Baby Go?

My baby girl is growing up.

It seems like just yesterday that we brought her home from the hospital. So small, so new. She seemed so fragile, like we could break her, and I was so scared. Scared, yet so very happy too, because, we were a family.

Fast forward a year (plus some) and now A is not so small anymore. I watch her in amazement, wondering, “Where did my baby go?” In her place, there is an active toddler. She’s learning something new every day. She’s so big. She’s so silly. So much fun. She’s not a baby anymore.

She’s moving everywhere.

Gone are the days where I could set A down in her Boppy pillow and let her sleep beside me as I folded laundry or read a book or watched Netflix. She crawls. She cruises. She climbs stairs. And now, at almost 14 months old, she has taken her first steps! It won’t be long until she is running and jumping and keeping me fit while I chase after her.

She talks!

She’s imitating sounds and learning new words all the time. Her very first word was her name for herself.  Followed shortly afterwards by “up.” Now she says, “A* up” when she goes up the stairs, or wants to get out of her high chair, or is ready to get out of her crib. She says, “Da” constantly! She loves her daddy so much and is constantly looking for him if he’s out of the room, or running an errand, or at work. She says, “Mama” too, but usually only if I am not around (of course)! She also knows, “all done,” “cuppa cuppa” (cup), “bye-bye,” and “baby”, and “chee” (cheese). Just the other day, we were reading Moo, Baa, La La La by Sandra Boynton. There’s a line that says, “Cats and Kittens say meow.” And A said “meow” too. It was the best! I love that she is understanding us more and slowly learning to communicate.

She’s becoming so very independent.

When I brush her teeth, she wants to hold the toothbrush herself. Same goes for when I comb her hair. She grabs the comb from me, and with the biggest smile on her face, she will rub the comb against her head. Just last week, she started using a spoon all on her own. I was feeding her mashed potatoes with dinner. She let me feed her a few spoonfuls of food before she took the spoon and wanted to do it herself. It was a little hard for me to let go, especially with the mess that followed, but she did so well. Since then, she’s fed herself yogurt at breakfast (that one was messy) and applesauce at a restaurant. Now A’s starting to go through a phase where she really fights me when I try to get her dressed. I think it’s because she just wants to do it herself, but can’t. She pulls her socks off of her feet and then tries so hard to put them back on. And she even tries to put on her shoes too. The other day I was taking the tags off of some new clothes for A. She picked up a skirt and was trying to put it on her head. It was too funny. A doesn’t need mama like she used too.

One week old!

I miss that little newborn baby A sometimes: carrying her cradled in one arm, having her fall asleep on top of me, and the magic and newness of everything.

A loves to climb slides too!
A loves to climb slides too!

But, at the same time, I am so proud of the little girl she is becoming.

3 thoughts on “Where Did My Baby Go?

  1. Ah what gorgeous pictures. I know exactly what you mean. My little guy is 8 months old and he’s in such a hurry to do everything! He crawled at 6 months and started pulling himself up to standing not long after, now he cruises and can use his little trolley walker. I can’t believe it, I LOVED having a tiny baby so I miss it in a lot of ways but it’s amazing seeing him grow and change. I just want it to slow down a tiny bit!!!

    Sounds like A’s language skills are amazing for her age. She sounds lovely!

    1. Thank you! Doesn’t it seem like the grow up overnight? One day we have a tiny baby cuddled in our arms…and the next day they are suddenly grown up! On the go, getting into everything, and trying to be so independent! I love that she’s growing and learning but sometimes I’m also a little sad, knowing that the baby stage is over.

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