5 Of Our Favorite Toddler Books

5 Of Our Favorite Toddler Books

Little A loves books.

We started reading to A when she was very small and haven’t stopped since! Books are everywhere in our house: in A’s bedroom, in our bedroom, in her play area, and always in the diaper bag for reading on the go. When she finds something she wants us to read, she will often throw the book at us! I don’t like the throwing, but I do like that she wants to look at books! ¬†For months, A’s bedtime routine has included snuggling in our bed and reading together. It’s such a special time, probably my favorite part of the day. Now that she’s getting older, she often will look through a book herself. She loves opening and closing them, flipping the pages, and lifting flaps over and over again!

She certainly has her favorites, and it’s clear that her preferences change from time to time.

Here are our current top 5 favorite toddler books:

  1. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? By Bill Martin Jr.- This is such a great classic! A loves it, especially when we make funny voices for each animal.
  2. Time For Bed by Mem Fox- For a long time, A would cry when this book was done. We would have to read it over and over again to stop her tears!
  3. Five Silly Monkeys by Steve Haskamp– What a silly book! A loves those naughty monkeys. I always think that this may not be setting the best example, but it is certainly fun to read the rhymes.
  4. First 100 Words by Roger Priddy– This one is my least favorite to read as it’s not a story, just a list of words. I think A likes the bright colors and all the pictures. She likes to look through this one on her own a lot, and that’s fine with me!
  5. Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney– I love Llama Llama just as much as A does! I can totally relate to Llama Mama, putting her baby to bed and rushing to get things done around the house before having some much needed quiet time, only to rush upstairs to her fussing baby! A doesn’t like the ending when the mama scolds Baby Llama and puts him back to bed. Whenever we reach that part, she flips right back to the beginning. I end up reading the first 3/4ths of the book so many times, always skipping the last 2-3 pages.

It’s so fun to watch A develop her own interests as she grows. She loves all kinds of animals! She always seems to prefer books and songs with rhymes too. While I may not enjoy being hit with a book that A throws at me, I do enjoy reading to her! Reading together before bed is a tradition that I hope will last for years to come!

We are always looking for new books to read together. What are some of your favorites?


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