How To Tell If Your Baby Is Addicted To Your Phone 

How To Tell If Your Baby Is Addicted To Your Phone 

Does your baby or toddler suffer from cell phone addiction? Here are 10 easy ways to tell:

  1.  Siri is your baby’s BFF. I mean, they practically have conversations with each other!
  2.  Alarms you never set go off randomly throughout the day.
  3.  E-mails are mysteriously deleted from your inbox.
  4. Baby selfies you didn’t take appear in your photo album.
  5. You have more baby/toddler game apps than any other app downloaded to your phone. Balloon pop, anyone?
  6. Your baby enjoys making phone calls at the most inconvenient times. Pocket dials are out. Baby dials are in.
  7.  Your phone has been frequently disabled from your baby or toddler trying to enter your passcode.
  8.  You can’t take a decent picture of your little one because he/she will see your phone and go crazy trying to get it from you! (See picture below .)
  9.  Your little one has a cute nickname for your phone. A calls my phone”Baby,” because the background picture (of her) is a baby.
  10.  Your baby or toddler points at your phone and cries for it (saying, “baby, baby”) while playing, or eating, or reading books at bedtime. Anytime, really.

If these things sound familiar, your baby may indeed be suffering from cell phone addiction!

“I just want your phone, mama!”


7 thoughts on “How To Tell If Your Baby Is Addicted To Your Phone 

  1. Yep, we suffer from phone addiction. My little girl is not yet 2, but has managed to move my ‘messages’ icon into a new folder, which she somehow created herself (no idea how!). I thought it was a fluke, but then she went and did it with my contacts icon too. I’m slightly concerned that she knows more about the workings of my phone than I do….! #momsterslink

  2. My kids aren’t allowed to touch my phone. They do however LOVE my iPad. And I will get on there and realize that they have gotten on my Facebook and posted a bunch of letters or who knows what else. I just notice that all these apps I use are open and they have been on them. Sometimes I just hide it and tell them that I can’t remember where I put it last. Seems to work most of the time. Thanks for linking up with #momsterslink and I apologize for the delay in commenting because I have been busy trying to get back to a routine. Hope to see you again this Thurs-Sun!
    Trista, Domesticated Momster recently posted…Momsterslink ~ September 8, 2016My Profile

    1. I really need to stop letting her have the phone. She has moved and deleted my apps, tried to FaceTime her dad while he was at work, and just yesterday I found at least 20 pictures of her foot!

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