My Toddler Doesn’t Play With Toys 

My Toddler Doesn’t Play With Toys 

My 15-month-old daughter has so many toys. They are all over our house, in cubbies, baskets, and bins. Since I only clean for company, they are usually all over the floor too! But, does she ever actually play with them? 


This is a fairly new thing for us. A’s stopped playing with her toys over the last few weeks. I can’t figure out why! Too many? Not enough? Too babyish? Too advanced? Too noisy? Not noisy enough? She’s just not interested anymore. 

She does like to play. Not with toys,but with anything she shouldn’t actually be playing with. Here are a few things she has enjoyed playing with recently: 

1. Dog related items. 

My employers have a puppy. There’s nothing A loves more than dumping the dog’s water bowl on the floor, chewing on the dog’s bone, or crawling in the dog’s crate. So much fun, right? 
2. Plastic cups. 

This has also been a favorite pastime while at work. Chasing around a toddler for almost 10 hours a day in a house that is NOT toddler proof is quite the challenge (not to mention, I also have work to do). A loves opening the kitchen cabinet doors, reaching for the kids’ plastic cups, whil saying “cuppa, cuppa.” She then walks around, sipping from the cups, before returning them to the cabinet. I end up washing a lot of extra dishes.
3. Toilets. 

At home, we always keep the bathroom doors closed. At work, I try to make sure this happens but it’s harder. There are more bathrooms and more kids to keep track of. Unfortunately, A has found her way to a toilet more times than I would like to admit…this week. I have found her laughing and splashing in a toilet just like she does in the tub. So gross! These little bathroom adventures are always followed by lots of washing in the sink. I’m starting to think she tries to get dirty just to get washed in the soapy bubbles of the sink. Because, that’s fun too! 
4. Laundry. 

Dirty or clean, it really doesn’t matter! A loves it all. (But, we’re being honest here. It’s usually dirty!) She carries it around the house and tries to put it on her head. If only I could teach her how to fold the laundry instead! 
5. TV remotes. 

Buttons are so much fun! A doesn’t watch TV but she loves the remotes. She even has her very own toy remote that talks and sings, but she still prefers the actual TV remotes. 

“Mmm…cuppa, cuppa!”

Basically, if she shouldn’t play with it, she loves it. You might have noticed that I didn’t include my cellphone on this list. A certainly loves the phone too. You might even say she’s addicted. It’s an issue we’re working on. 

I’m thinking I have some work cut out for me over this long weekend. It’s time to sort out all of A’s baby toys from the mix. Maybe with a smaller selection, she will become more interested in her toys? 
Then again, maybe she will always be more interested in dog toys and toilet water…who knows? 

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