Walk This Way

Walk This Way

Lately, we have been ditching the stroller and going for walks instead. It started as an attempt to really tire A out in hopes of sleeping through the night. But, walking with A has quickly become one of my favorite things to do together!

She has places to go and things to see! How cute is she, walking with her hands up, and often clapping when she gets excited? I really wish I could get inside her head and know what she’s thinking!

She’s exploring her world! Everything is new and interesting: a leaf that has fallen from a tree, a ball laying in a neighbor’s yard, a dog being walked on a leash. It’s truly magical.

Most of all, when I watch her walking, I think…How did she get so big, so fast? Where has the time gone? 

Yes, the beginning of toddlerhood has been a challenge.  The teething and tantrums and sleepless nights are not easy on any of us. But it’s been pretty awesome too. My baby girl is growing up. She can walk, and talk, and is constantly amazing me with something new she can do.

It’s small moments, like taking a walk together, that I will cherish forever.


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