Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter, 

Every day, I watch you learn something new. You are growing so much. Slowly but surely, you are becoming a little girl…my baby no more. I have such big hopes and dreams for you, my precious daughter. 

We live in a country founded on the ideals of democracy, rights, liberty, opportunity, and equality . Today,  more than ever, it’s clear that we live in a country divided. It can be a scary place. The future, it’s always uncertain.  

We live in a country where a sexual predator has been elected President of the United States and will become the new “leader of the free world.”

Life can be unfair. Lots of things may seem wrong to you. And, people can be so full of hate. Still, that doesn’t mean we should ever lose hope. 

I want you to know this, my daughter:

You are strong. You are capable. You can be anything. 

Someday, daughter, you may find you have a knack for numbers. You can be a great mathematician, a business person, or an engineer. You might find that you have amazing athletic ability. You can be a soccer star, or an Olympic athlete. You can go for the gold. You might find you have a way with words. You can be a writer, a lawyer, or a politician. You, my daughter, can be the one to break the glass ceiling and become President of the United States yourself. You will find your calling and discover what you are here to do. You will learn how you can contribute something special to the world. Nothing, absolutely nothing, should ever hold you back from accomplishing your dreams.

Ambition is great, but remember, it’s not everything. Love, family, and friendships are equally important in life. You might become a wife, but that too, will not hold you back. You can be part of a couple, a true partnership, and still be a strong and independent individual. You might never get married, and that’s OK. Someday, you might become a mother. You might feel your heart swell with love for a tiny person you barely know. Your priorities might change. They might not. Just know that being a mother does not make you weak. Being emotional doesn’t either. It makes you stronger than you could ever imagine. It makes you fierce. You might never have children. That’s also OK. 

It’s up to you. Everything and anything is possible. You have great potential. There are no limitations. 

When life gets hard, when you begin to doubt yourself, remember: 

You are strong. You are capable. You can be anything. 

And I will always be there for you. I will protect you. I will fight for your rights. I will always be the one cheering you on, picking you up when you fall down, supporting you endlessly, and loving you fiercely. 

With all my love, 


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