29 Things I’m Thankful For

29 Things I’m Thankful For

It’s my birthday! Today I turn 29. I thought I’d celebrate by reflecting on 29 things I’m thankful for. 

Here we go…

(Not really in any particular order) 

  1. My husband. He’s my partner in everything. My friend. The love of my life (of course, he’s always #1!)
  2. My sweet Little A. She made me a mama, fills my days with joy (and only sometimes with tantrums), and is my constant source of inspiration! 
  3. Extended Family, near and far (well…mostly they are far! But they are always just a phone call away.) 
  4. Our home. It’s my all-time favorite place to be. (I can wear my pajamas there, after all!) 
  5. Speaking of pajamas, I am thankful my fleece pajama pants, especially when it’s so very cold outside. 
  6. Good health. No explanation required! 
  7. Coffee! It gets me through the long days. (I’m also thankful for Mr. Musings turning the pot on for me before I wake up!) 
  8. Books. I’m making an effort to read more this year. Sometimes you just need to get lost in a good story for awhile. 
  9. GoodReads app. This is probably my favorite app. I enjoy reading reviews, finding new books for my to-read list, and keeping track of my own progress. (Yup, I’m being a bit of a nerd with this one! And proud of it.)
  10. Knitting. I’m so grateful to my mom for teaching me to knit when I was young. Being able to create brings me such happiness. And it’s given me a way to make a little extra money too. 
  11. My job. It’s wonderful that I have kind and flexible employers (they allow me to bring A to work with me everyday).
  12. Never having to take out the trash or carry laundry up and down 2 flights of stairs. (Those are Mr. Musings household chores!)
  13. Each and every time A calls me “mama” (all 1,467,234 times a day).
  14. A king size bed. Seriously, one of the best purchases we ever made! 
  15. Sesame Street videos on YouTube. Little A just loves them! 
  16. This blog. I can probably count the number of readers I have on one hand (a big hello to my MIL) but the numbers don’t matter. (I never even look at my stats anymore). Writing is something I’ve always felt drawn to do and having a blog has provided the perfect outlet for me. 
  17. My best friend (you know who you are!) We have been friends since 6th grade (that’s 18 years!?!) But we have only lived in the same state for about 5 of those years. Despite the time and the distance, we always seem to pick up right where we left off. 
  18. A working dishwasher. We had to hand wash dishes for months before we finally replaced our broken dishwasher. I hate washing dishes! 
  19. Facebook. I wish I could manage with a little less Facebook sometimes. But really, it’s the easiest way to keep in touch with friends and family who live far away. It’s how I share my blog posts and even how I follow what’s going on in the world. 
  20. Skinnytaste.com. I make recipes from this food blog on a weekly basis. (This is in the oven right now). They are healthy and delicious recipes and there’s so many to choose from! 
  21. Donuts. (What would be better to follow a website full of healthy recipes? The more Skinnytaste meals, the more donuts I can have right?)  There’s nothing like a freshly made glazed raspberry jelly filled donut! Yum. 
  22. Hot showers. Some days, it’s the only “me-time” I can get. 
  23. The library. Not only does it provide a practically endless supply of books, CDs, and movies but it’s also one of A’s favorite places to play. For free! 
  24. Wine. Because sometimes, at the end of the day, a glass of wine is just necessary! 
  25. My car. It takes me places! I’m grateful for a reliable and comfortable vehicle with enough space for carrying what ever toddler-related items I may need. 
  26. Nap time. I don’t nap, but A does! It’s when I rush around to get chores done and occasionally do something for myself like read or watch Netflix! I will really miss nap time when she’s older! 
  27. My phone. (It’s pretty much permanently attached to my hand…I’m writing this blog post on my phone right now.) I would feel lost without this technology, for sure. 
  28. My husband’s job. Can’t forget about this one! It keeps our budget in balance and is the reason why we moved to Maryland. 
  29. Ice cream cake on my birthday and another year to eat it! 

Well, there it is. 29 things, some big and some small, to be thankful for…

Now it’s time to have that yearly slice (or two) of ice cream cake! 

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