Crazy Things Mama Says: Toddler Edition

Crazy Things Mama Says: Toddler Edition

Some crazy sounding things I have said to my 19-month-old daughter recently: 

  1. Why is there cheese in your hair? 
  2. Please don’t take off your pants at the library. 
  3. We don’t use our teeth when we give kisses. 
  4. Do you want bunnies or teddies for nom-noms? (Translation: Do you want cheddar bunnies or teddy grahams for snack?) 
  5. Oh, thank you for bringing mama her coffee…(and spilling it all over yourself and the floor. At least it was cold by then!!) 
  6. Let’s say “bye-bye” to mama’s pee. (Sorry for going there! A has recently become very interested in the toilet…)
  7. Are you going to eat the chalk? (A says, “Yes!”) No. Say “no”. We do not eat chalk! (We are not ready for chalk, apparently.) 
  8. Please, don’t brush mama’s teeth!
  9. Come here. Let mama sniff your butt. 
  10. Time to sleep. Are you going to sleep in your bed until 6:00 in the morning? Say, “Yes!” (Wishful thinking on my part…I know she has no clue what I’m talking about.) 

Check out my first Crazy Things Mama Says I wrote back in July, when A was just 13 months old. 

What are some crazy things you have said recently? 

Sharing lunch with Pink Puppy. So thoughtful!
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    1. I debated whether or not to add that one…and then thought, why not?? It’s a big deal around here too! Thanks for having me.

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