10 Thoughts When My Toddler Has A Cold 

10 Thoughts When My Toddler Has A Cold 

We’ve been dealing with one sick toddler over the last few days. Little A has a nasty cold. She’s been so congested! It’s never easy to watch my little girl feeling so bad and know there’s not much I can actually do to help her feel better.

When she’s not busy tearing the tissue to shreds or trying to lick it, she might actually wipe her nose herself!

Here are 10 thoughts I’ve had while taking care of my sick toddler:

  1. My poor baby! I wish I could make you feel better.
  2. I don’t really like wiping your nose either, but it has to be done. 
  3. Oh! So…many…boogers! 
  4. Really, where is all of this even coming from? Gross! 
  5. Poor girl, it’s so hard to sleep when your nose is stuffy. Come cuddle with mama. 
  6. Please, please, please fall asleep!
  7. Looks like none of us will be getting much sleep tonight.
  8. I am going to need a lot of coffee to get through tomorrow with a sick toddler on so little sleep. 
  9. How about we rest and watch another show since you are feeling so yucky? 
  10. I’m not feeling very well. Maybe I’m catching your cold? 

Looks like there will be lots of nose wiping, hand washing, sleepless nights, and cuddles in our near future. Hopefully, Little A will be on the mend soon!

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